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Equnior TR2149 Preservation Manual

It is not always as easy to interpret specifications from the oil companies. In this blog we explain which products to use with reference to the sections in Equinor's preservation spec TR2149.

First: Download the pdf attachment. In the margin you will find the terms that Equinor and several other oil companies use, on the right what they correspond to in Reàl Marine's range. We will have most of what is pictured in stock. Flange covers, blinds and tarpaulins are produced quickly according to measurements and tables.

Equinor tr2149 preservation manual | Real Marine

If our explanations are incomplete, you can just get in touch for free engineering tips. We often get questions à la "can such extensive preservation be necessary when we just...?" And sometimes there may be relevant objections, but often this is because the supplier does not understand that the preservation must last not only until the product is delivered, but through a hectic construction period of 1-2 years. Thus, one must take into account the shipyard's work and rules, for example requirements for inspection openings, flame retardancy, the environment, assembly with the preservation intact and the possibility of depreserving. After working with the shipyards for 20 years, we know what they really want, what they can accept in the form of simplifications, and what requirements are unavoidable.

The worst that can happen to a supplier is that the preservation is rejected and corrected by the shipyard with reference to the purchasing conditions. The hours involved in this can be invoiced back to the supplier. Then it is better to make sure that the spec is met before you send the goods.

We have specs from all over the world in the archives with all possible different special variants and formulations. Feel free to contact us if you are stuck.