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How to preserve electrical cabinets

Which products to choose to preserve electrical cabinets for transport and storage during the construction phase is not always as simple. It is not always stated in the requirements specification from the client exactly how to do it and perhaps their methods are not sufficient for the cabinets to work 100% when the power is finally switched on? After all, it can take months and years from the time the cabinet is finished until it is put into use.

Preservation electrical cabinet | Real Marine AS

We have written a complete procedure for the preservation of electrical cabinets that is in accordance with NORSOK, which you are welcome to adopt and make into a standard method for preservation, packaging, transport and storage.

The procedure covers the following points:

Procedure for the preservation of electrical cabinets | Real Marine AS

1. Work that must be done before the preservation
2. Lubrication and cleaning
3. Protection with VCI vapor phase inhibitor
4. Protection with Silica Gel desiccant
5. Vacuum packing
6. Crate/case/seaworthy/weather proofing/tarpaulin
7. Documentation
8. HSE

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