NORGESNYHET! Større plastabs som beskytter mer!

NORWEGIAN NEWS! Larger plastic abs that protects more!

Norwegian news from Reál Marine AS!
We have now received Zerust VCI Plastabs in larger sizes!

Zerust VCI 1x3 plastab | Real Marine AS

When it comes to Zerust VCI Capsules, we have previously had a large range in the protective volume of the capsules. The smallest 3/4" Plastabs protect 6 liters of volume, and then the next capsule size has been VC05-1 and VC1-1 which protect 118 liters.

We have now done something about that, and are introducing plastic abs in 1x1" and 1x3"!

The new sizes protect respectively 10 and 28 liters for 2 years and are perfect for larger junction boxes, smaller electrical cabinets, lighting fixtures, etc.

The packaging sizes of the different sizes are:

  • 3/4", bags of 100 and 1000 pcs
  • 1x1", bags of 100 and 1000 pcs
  • 1x3", bags of 50 and 1000 pcs

As you know, the smallest 3/4" comes with an adhesive backing, while the 1x1" and 1x3" are plastic pieces that are placed inside the thing you are going to protect. Since they are made of plastic, they will never crumble or leave any residue when replaced!

The new sizes are already in stock and are available on our website, take a look and check the prices at ( )

If you want to read more about them, both the HSE and the Product Data Sheet are also available under each product!

Our new range of Zerust VCI Plastabs:

Zerust 3/4" plastic abs - Reál Marine AS
3/4" Plastabs have self-adhesive backing and protect 6 liters for 2 years

Zerust VCI 1x1 plastab - Reál Marine AS
1x1" Plastabs is a plastic chip and protects 10 liters for 2 years

Zerust VCI 1x3 plastab - Reál Marine AS
1x3" Plastabs is a plastic chip and protects 28 liters for 2 years **

Also remind you:

Zerust VCI capsules - Reál Marine AS
The Zerust VC1-1 will now replace the smaller VCI capsule VC05-1! We only have a few boxes left in stock of the VC05-1, and when we run out it's gone. VC1-1 and VC05-1 have protected the same volume (118 liters for 1 year) - the only difference has been the physical size of the capsule. In connection with the VC05-1 being discontinued, we have reduced the price of the VC1-1!


Have you noticed that we received a new capsule a little while ago? It is made by Zerust, exclusively for the Norwegian market and NORSOK demands 2 years of protection. This capsule is called VC1-2 and protects 118 liters for 2 years. It provides the same protective volume as VC1-1, but over twice as long!
Zerust VCI VC1-2 - Real Marine AS