Ny, revolusjonerende, festebolt fra Reál Marine!

New, revolutionary fastening bolt from Real Marine!

It's been a long time since we launched Rapid Soft Cover flange protectors with the familiar blue fixing plugs. This type of flange protector has taken the market by storm and more and more people are using these and getting them into the specifications! The challenge has been the plugs, there have been many different sizes depending on the flange type, size and pressure class.

We thought; it must be possible to invent a fastener that can attach the protector regardless of the size of the bolt holes and that does it as quickly as the flexiplugs?

And we have done that!

We have gone from about 20 different plugs to using one bolt and three different sized washers.

Introducing the Real Rapid Bolt:

Real Rapid Bolt

The bolt is 125mm long and thus passes through the vast majority of flange types, the locking washers are 30mm, one 50mm and one 80mm depending on how big the bolt holes are on the flange.

How does it work?

The washers thread into the groove on the bolt and turn a quarter of a turn to lock. If you turn the disc another quarter of a turn, it unlocks and the disc is released from the bolt. This means that flange protectors can be attached lightning fast and without tools! If you use this bolt on plywood flange protectors instead of steel bolts, you will also save money, less risk of damage/falling objects if you work at height, and a LOT of time, and they can also be reused!

Real Rapid Bolt

Here you can download the product data sheet

Product data sheet

Here you can download a size guide for ANSI, CF and DIN flanges

Product data sheet