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Ultra-fast FCI against flash corrosion

Flash rust is a somewhat vaguely defined name for a fairly concrete problem. On newly processed iron metal surfaces that are exposed to air, an orange dust, "iron III hydroxide", usually forms within minutes or a few hours. How quickly this happens depends on how moist the metal and the environment are. It happens particularly quickly in cases where salts and ions are present.

Flash rust is a challenge that occurs after

  • Machining, turning, casting
  • Hydrojetting

Common to both cases is that there has been (often natural) contamination during production, either from the environment, from the water used, or from chemicals used during machining. In a controlled production of machine parts, the progression of rust can be slowed by changing the cutting fluids and baths, and by ensuring that both are kept clean. Machined metals can be oiled, coated or surfaced to prevent air from escaping. But it is not always practically possible, for example at an intermediate stage in production.

Fast VCI = FCI packing

With Zerust FCI inhibitor, machined parts can be stored in a protective atmosphere that builds up very quickly. The principle is the same as in a VCI packaging, which protects metal for a long time in storage. Zerust Activ Pak combines both VCI and FCI. The FCI component evaporates corrosion-protective molecules within minutes, before flash rust has time to form. Place an ActivPak together with the goods in a sealed container. See how here .

When hydrojetting

Metal surfaces washed with a hydrojet rust immediately because there are salts and ions in the water. Theoretically, ultrapure water could be used to avoid this, but the costs are often far too high. As an alternative, a detergent specially designed to handle salts and ions can be added to the water, either during the entire flushing operation or as an "ion cleaner" after the flush.

High-pressure washing with 1.5-2% Zerust Axxavis WBA-10 added to the water.

WBA-10 (water blast additive) is an inhibitor specially developed to remove salts, ions, chlorides from surfaces. By removing ions, corrosion is stopped. This also provides an optimal basis for extended protection with, for example, coatings. WBA-10 also ensures that flushed surfaces are not quickly deteriorated by flash rust. On painted surfaces at lower pressure, WBA-10 works as a detergent that removes salts particularly well.

The surfaces are air-dried only after treatment