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Choose the right VCI capsule / emitter

It's just as well to start by clearing up some misunderstandings, then nail down some truths. VCI capsules do not remove moisture, they emit a corrosion-inhibiting gas. That is why we often use the term emitters.
When the temperature is slightly above zero or higher, vci evaporates from the capsule. Eventually the steam reaches saturation, that is to say it has filled the entire cabinet it is in with VCI steam.

There is therefore a slight excess pressure from the evaporation that fills the cabinet: This pressure is enough to fill a certain volume, but not enough for it to be physically felt. When the cabinet is filled, the gas has created an inert atmosphere which means that metals do not corrode. This state is reached after a few hours, depending on temperature conditions.

Placement of the capsule

The gas spreads in the cabinet by diffusion from a dry substance. The substance has some power to expand into a ball shape, but it eventually stops. We use this limit to determine catalog performance on the capsule.

You can imagine that a kind of beach ball is formed by the protective atmosphere. The parts you are going to protect should be inside the beach ball. We have calculated the size of the beach ball into the size of the cabinet the capsule can protect.

If you have large or long cupboards, you should think about stacking several balls in the cupboard, with the capsule placed as close to the center of the ball as possible.

Which VCI capsule?

Zerust has a range of capsules covering from 4 liters to 24,000 litres.

  • For transmitters, junction boxes, switches, you can choose 3/4" Plastabs . These are no bigger than a thick postage stamp and always fit. Still, they cover up to 4 liters for 2 years. Like all emitters, Plastabs have double-sided tape.
  • For small electrical cabinets, we use the VC05-1 . (or1-1 s where s means small) This emitter covers up to 118 liters for 1 year, or half (59 litres) for 2 years.
  • For Rittal racks as in the picture above, we use VC2-1 or VC-2 which both cover 938 litres, for 1 or 2 years respectively. But according to the "beach ball theory" above, you should use 2 VCI capsules separated from each other.
  • For larger central units, you can use several VC2-1 or VC2-2 or the powerful VC6-2 which covers a full 24 m3 for 2 years
  • It is not possible to overprotect. Put in as many as you want :-)
  • A little geek information at the end:
    You will find all the information in the product description. The first number VC(2)-1 indicates the diffusion radius in feet, i.e. (2x0.3m)=0.6m. The bath ball therefore has a radius of 0.6m. The second number VC2-(1) indicates the protection period in years, i.e. 1 year. For all capsules with a duration of 1 year, you can otherwise protect half the volume for 2 years. But you can only do this once.

To make this easy, we have printed a 70x25cm info poster which you can have sent free of charge with your first order or download. Hang it above the packing table.