Propaflex CD30 Cylinder protector lamellar plastic roll of 100m2

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Super durable protection!

Propaflex is an innovative product designed and patented by Propagroup to guarantee high quality total protection for all products sold in rolls and not just cables and stainless steel coils.

• The inner surface is smooth and adheres perfectly to rounded surfaces, protecting them with maximum efficiency.

• The outer surface is special corrugated plastic to reduce friction with other materials, but above all withstand violent impacts, heavy weights or compression without problems.

Propaflex is designed to meet the needs of the largest steel producers and the most important cable producers in the world, but it can also be used in the construction industry, in fields such as architecture and interior design, and in many other manufacturing industry applications such as pipe and tube production.

Propaflex is:

• 100% recyclable
• Standard or personal printing treated against UV
• Flexible in all directions
• Highly impact resistant
• Resistant to compaction
• Water proof
• Weldable
• Oil resistant
• Weather resistant
• Easy to apply
• Safe
• Lightweight

Propaflex CD30 comes in rolls of 100m2 (1x100m)