Rapid Soft Cover CF 16" 300# w/8 FXP2

421,08 kr

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Rapid Soft Cover has been developed by Reàl Marine AS for the protection of flanges. The sandwich solution consists of a 5mm layer of soft cellular rubber and a 4mm layer of hard PE plastic. The soft layer ensures a dust-tight and damping connection to the flange surface. The hard PE plastic on the top is protected against mechanical shocks, scratches etc.

The protector is supplied with plastic fixing plugs included in the price. If you want to see the dimensions of the plugs, click here (the product page for the plugs opens in a new window).

Manufactured for almost all flange types and sizes. For large ANSI flanges in heavy # classes, it must be checked that there are large enough plastic bolts. If it is not possible to find suitable bolts, the RSC covers can be made without bolt holes, i.e. with fastening using nylon strips.

On RTJ flanges, the sealing surface will be raised so that there is a gap between the protector and the flange. We can solve this by adding an extra layer of 5mm foam (purchased separately). The customer can also choose to tape around as an additional protection against dust. For the largest flanges in very heavy pressure classes, the design is especially investigated due to this additional height of the RTJ surface.


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