VCI Bag Zerust A 450pcs K-500 600x900mm

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Storage bags impregnated with VCI for year-long corrosion protection! Volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packaging protects the product against corrosion.

The active VCI molecules evaporate out of the plastic film. VCI is then deposited on all surfaces inside the packaging and provides all surfaces with corrosion protection. Surfaces that would otherwise be impossible to reach with coating or other corrosion protection are now just as well protected with VCI. The molecules are in a dense and thin layer that protects against moisture, salts, gas, dirt and other things that can cause corrosion.

When the VCI film is removed, for example by unpacking the goods, the VCI molecules eventually also evaporate. This means that the product can, for example, be painted without additional treatments such as removal of coating etc.o

Zerust is the world's largest producer of VCI and supplies many of the major car factories.

Our most used form of VCI is VCI plastic. This both looks and behaves like other plastics for packaging, but has therefore added VCI to provide corrosion protection.

It is available in variants such as; foil, pallet caps, bags, zip bags, stretch film, shrink wrap, etc.