Fan hanging 128x550mm 1''BSP 095S124, El.1834173

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Breather filter S-124, for transformers from 2MVA and upwards. Prevents water from being sucked into the transformer oil.

Silica gel desiccant built into a disposable plexiglass container. The entire unit is replaced with desiccant and all within seconds.

The breathing filter indicates that it is saturated when it changes color from orange to green

The breathing filter can be installed anywhere where there are currently containers with silica gel. The breathing filter is filled with silica gel when delivered. This means that you do not need to empty and refill the breathing filter by hand. The dryer is ready for use when you break the seal.

The sealing ring is easy to remove and prevents moisture from entering the breathing filter before it is used. The drying device protects transformers, hydraulic systems and gearboxes from moisture and contamination. This is a known problem that causes corrosion, increases wear, reduces the life of the oil and provides good growth conditions for bacteria.
Air Sentry breather filter removes moisture before it enters the oil tank. The moisture will have no chance to enter the oil tank, other than through the air intake, the breather filter blocks this by allowing the air to pass through the water absorbing silica gel. Particles are stopped in a built-in 2μ filter.

Reduces pollution
Reduces the water content
Reduces rust and oxidation
Reduces the breakdown of oil
Prevents overheating
Prevents equipment errors
Extends lifespan
Contains 3900 grams of silica gel which gives a maximum water absorption of 1520 grams. Total weight 5300 grams
The maximum air flow is 708 l/min.
Electricity number: 1834173