Zerust Axxanol 750 VCI Oil bucket a 18.9 l

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Zerust Axxanol 750 rust prevention oil offers sprayable protection with VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) for metals to be shipped or stored. It provides robust corrosion protection to metal surfaces as well as voids, cavities and chambers that are difficult to reach.

Do more with time and resources with one product; Zerust Axxanol 750 VCI Oil. It provides comprehensive protection by combining a moisture barrier and anti-contact film with Zerust VCI chemistry that penetrates to protect voids and hooks. Axxanol 750 is designed to be applied via spray and protects steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass and copper for up to 10 months indoors and up to 7 years in applications using packaging.

Axxanol 750 leaves a clear, thin, oily film that can be easily removed with an alkaline cleaning product. To protect voids, apply to surfaces that can be reached by spraying and then seal everything. The VCI protective molecules will saturate and protect within the seal. During field exercises, Axxanol 750 remained liquid and sprayable at temperatures down to -23°C.