Zerust AXXAWASH NW 10C 18.9 ltr

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AxxaWash protects against flash rust, removes hydrocarbons and salts. Provides an optimal basis for painting by deactivating ions and salts.

Use Zerust AxxaWash NW-10C to remove dirt from metal and organic or inorganic contaminants on ferrous metals.

Wash the surfaces so that corrosion does not gain a foothold and wrap the machine part in VCI (Volatile corrosion inhibitor) packaging materials. AxxaWash also provides optimal conditions for the paint coats that are applied later.

AxxaVask NW-10C is a mild alkaline, low-foaming, water-based cleaner that can be used in dipping, ultrasonic washing and low pressure/ultra high pressure (UHP) hydrojetting. In addition to effectively removing hydrocarbons, AxxaWashNW-10C deactivates common corrosion-causing anionic contaminants such as chlorides and sulfates left behind by the fluids used during machining. When the metal is cleaned, it is exposed to attack by flash rust. Axxawash is a liquid concentrate that can be diluted. Use a solution of AxxaWash NW10-C to clean highly reactive ferrous metals such as cast iron exposed to inorganic salts and other contaminants. The cleaning agent is also very effective at emulsifying most types of hydrocarbon-containing contaminants