Zerust VCI corr. capsule VC6-1, Elnr 1834104

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Protects cabinets of up to 24m3 for 1 year

ZERUST VCI caps are designed to protect against corrosion in junction boxes, electrical cabinets and in tool/equipment boxes.

Zerust VCI Capsule VC6-1 protects cabinets of up to 24m containers, e.g. a container, for 1 year against corrosion. VCI is a common term for vapor phase inhibitors, Volatile corrosion inhibitors. When the capsules are unpacked, a gas is released at low pressure which settles in a molecular layer on all metal surfaces in the container, even if the container is built up with complex isometry. The protective layer slowly evaporates when the cabinet is opened again. Therefore, make sure that the cabinet is tight.

Size: 205x103x50mm, plastic capsule

Electricity number: 1834104


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