Zerust Zerion FVS-B15 Water/MEG inhibitor 15kg pail

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Zerust Zerion FVS is a very powerful water-soluble corrosion inhibitor. The powder contains both VCI (Vapor corrosion inhibitor) and SCI (Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor). This provides protection for advanced systems even where the powder/water is not in direct contact with the metal.

Protection of voids / enclosures
Zerion FVS VCI chemistry actively protects exposed steel against corrosion in large cavities and enclosures. There are several delivery mechanisms (water, dry/wet fogging, for example) and product packages that can be adapted to the geometry of the structure being protected. Corrosion protection can be provided either by an inhibitor solution or by inhibitor powder. When it is possible for the void to be closed hermetically, a single insertion of FVS can provide protection for up to 2 years.

Hydrostatic testing
Add Zerion FVS to hydrostatic test water to provide excellent protection to exposed steel surfaces. In addition to the SCI protection, the VCI develops to protect any air pockets or hidden voids. FVS is versatile and compatible with a variety of water profiles and works best with DI, RO or potable water with less than 150 ppm chlorine.


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