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"Must haves" in the toolbox

In every toolbox and every workshop there are some tools you simply MUST have - spanners, ratchets, hammers, but what about chemicals? We take a look at that here!

In everyday life, many different sprays are often used, whether for lubrication or protection. We stock a wide range of chemicals in handy 400ML spray cans that everyone should have available - whether in the workshop or garage.


Zerust Axxanol 34CD is an anti-rust coating that leaves a

Zerust 34CD | Real Marine AS

very light glossy and almost dry surface. This is great for using on parts during, for example, the assembly process. In most cases, it is not necessary to wash this off, as it is compatible with the vast majority of motor oils and does not affect torque if it is used on gears or gears. If, against presumption, you want to remove it, it is easily washed off with an alkaline cleaning agent. If you need larger quantities of 34CD, it also comes in an 18.9L bucket.

Use for: As rust-inhibiting invisible finish on bare metal. On engine parts, valves, machined parts to avoid fingerprint corrosion during assembly or for storage and shipments in combination with VCI corrosion protection packaging.


Zerust 750 VCI Spray | Real Marine AS

Zerust Axxanol 750 VCI Spray is somewhat thicker than 34CD and also contains VCI. This means that it not only protects where it is sprayed directly, but also cavities where the spray does not reach. Axxanol 750 is a very versatile anti-rust oil and leaves a clear, thin, oily film that can be easily removed with an alkaline cleaning product. To protect voids, apply to surfaces that can be reached by spraying and then seal everything. The VCI's protective molecules will saturate and protect within the seal. Axxanol 750 protects steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass and copper for up to 10 months indoors and up to 7 years in applications using packaging! If you need larger quantities of 750 VCI oil, it also comes in 18.9L buckets.

Use on: Pump housings, shafts, gears and in all cavities where it is difficult to reach all nooks and crannies. Also on steel spare parts that must be stored safely in plastic packaging.


Zerust Spray-G sprayable grease is often used as protection on threads and

Zerust Spray-G sprayable grease | Real Marine AS transport protection of finished units. As the name suggests, this is a grease that has been thinned so that it can be applied with a spray, but still gives a thick and slightly sticky surface that lubricates well. This can also be used on painted surfaces and plastics. Also comes in an 18.9L bucket if you use a lot of grease!
Use on: Gears, gears, chains or as rust protection on machine parts.


Vappro 868A | Real Marine AS

Vappro 868 VCI coating leaves a light brown waxy surface that protects up to 24 months when stored outside. We usually compare this with Tectyl 506 as it is similar in both color and consistency. In addition to forming a physical wax barrier between the metal and the atmosphere, this spray has VCI Molecules that protect cavities where the spray cannot reach. That's why it's a handy and very versatile spray to have around when you need tough protection.

Use for: Coarse steel parts that must be stored for a long time under difficult conditions. On painted and unpainted steel parts protruding from the tarpaulin. On coarse threads as rust protection and lubrication. On the sealing surface of flanges that are stored.


White, acid-free petroleum jelly needs no further introduction. Vaseline is the best for lubricating rubber and door moldings against drying out, when installing engine parts, o-rings and on e.g. battery poles. We stock vaseline in 1kg cans

Use on: Rubber seals and door strips against drying out, on battery terminals or as general lubrication. On flange surfaces.


We also carry other brands such as Interflon, Tectyl, as well as the entire Zerust range! Take a look at our range here , and if you need something you can't find in our online store, we can most likely get it for you!

Tip! Do you want to protect tools from rust while they are in the toolbox? Use silica gel or a VCI capsule inside together with the tool!