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Impact indicators Part 2 - Assembly procedure


 This is part 2 of the article series on impact indicators. If you want to read part 1 about why you should use impact indicators on your shipments, click here. Part 3 on how to choose the right sensitivity is here

The Shock Indicator is mounted on the outside of packages containing sensitive goods of high value.

What you need:

  • Shock Indicator (yellow, blue, red, green or purple)
  • Accompanying label (mini-sticker) to attach to the packing slip.
  • A5 label that reinforces the message. (Option)
  • Fragile Label or Caution Tape (Option)

The shipping documents of a shipment protected with the Shock Indicator must clearly describe this. The shipping documents must contain:

  • Handling instructions for the charterer
  • Packing slip marked with Shock Indicator accompanying label


Shock indicator | Real Marine AS

On each indicator is a mini-glass tube partially filled with a red liquid. The liquid is held in place by surface forces. Thus, it is only activated when the package has been exposed to an impact, normally when falling from a height. The tube then turns red. The indicator cannot be reset. The package has therefore been damaged during transport.

However, remember that the Shock Indicator is only triggered by vibrations or shocks. The package may be damaged without the indicator being released. Regardless of the reason, damage or suspected damage must be noted on the shipping documents

Benefits of the Shock Indicator

  • You can easily identify packages that have been damaged during transport and process them further
  • You indicate to the carrier both through labeling and documents that this is sensitive equipment that must be treated specially
  • You identify where in the transport process the damage occurred and can take preventive measures
  • The processes surrounding damage claims are significantly simplified
  • The number of injuries is reduced
  • The customer experiences a higher quality of the deliveries

How to mark with the Shock Indicator

  • Select the type of Shock Indicator from the guide based on package weight in kg and package volume in 3
  • 1 Shock Indicator is placed 10-20cm up from the bottom
  • Place 2 indicators diagonally on packages longer than 1 meter
  • You can choose to put an A5 size label around the indicator on the package if you want to reinforce the message.
  • Follow-up stickers are placed on the packing slip. The purpose is for the recipient of the goods to be informed that the Shock Indicator has been installed, so that they can check the package before it is signed for.

Shock Indicator | Real Marine AS