Silica gel bags of 5000g in hand-sewn cotton. Box a 4

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Silica Gel bags for removing moisture in electrical cabinets, optics, containers, instruments, containers and all other packaging. White silica gel in portioned bags is the universal desiccant everyone uses and as a rule of thumb you can use 0.5kg silica gel per m3 load.

To read more about how to calculate the amount of silica gel, visit our blog .

Sold only in unbroken boxes.

Silica gel is a trade name for silicon dioxide in crystals that absorb moisture from the air. By introducing unsaturated silica gel into a defined cavity, the relative humidity will be brought down to levels where corrosion of metals ceases.

Silica gel packed in breathable portion bags is most often used for corrosion protection of electronics and metal parts.

There are no known reactions with other chemicals and is not corrosive. Silica gel is a very porous crystal with many cavities and thus a large surface area. Capillary effects and adsorption means that liquids such as water, alcohol, hydrocarbons and other chemicals bind to the crystal and they will continue to absorb moisture from the surroundings until it is saturated.


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