Silica gel self-indicating per 4kg

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Silica gel desiccant for drying products, in breathing filters and for air intakes on transformers. Impregnated with dye that changes from orange to green when the product reaches its maximum absorption capacity. Can be regenerated at temperatures between 100 and 120 ºC, and when the color has returned to its original orange color it is dry.

Supplied in a handy airtight 4kg bucket with a handle

To read more about how to calculate the amount of silica gel, visit our blog

Silica gel is a trade name for silicon dioxide in crystals that absorb moisture from the air. By introducing unsaturated silica gel into a defined cavity, the relative humidity will be brought down to levels where corrosion of metals ceases.

There are no known reactions with other chemicals and is not corrosive. Silica gel is a very porous crystal with many cavities and thus a large surface area. Capillary effects and adsorption means that liquids such as water, alcohol, hydrocarbons and other chemicals bind to the crystal and they will continue to absorb moisture from the environment until it is saturated

Silica gel, self-indicating 4kg: Electricity number: 1834110


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