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Impact indicators Part 3 - How to choose the right impact indicator?

This is part 3 in the article series on impact indicators, part 1 can be found here and part 2 can be found here!

There are many different types of shock indicators and even more sensitivities, but how do you know which sensitive indicator to choose?

The best way to find out exactly how much your equipment can withstand is to carry out crash tests. Then you attach several different impact indicators to the product and release it from given height intervals. Then you will see how many Gs are exposed from the different heights and how much is needed before the product is destroyed. It is far cheaper to carry out this test once, than to have your products damaged during transport time and time again!

Another way is to use the overview prepared by our partner, Impact-o-graph.

Shock indicator overview |Reál Marine AS

Which sensitivity you choose depends on size, weight and of course the type of equipment you are going to protect.

Examples of which sensitivity you should choose based on the type of equipment you have, see the overview here.

Shock indicator sensitivity | Real Marine AS

To get a larger image, you can download the entire procedure and guide as a PDF by pressing the button below!