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Our 5 most read blog posts

Summer vacation is approaching for many, if it hasn't already started - and our blog is approaching half a year old. We have done our best to fill it with professional content about preservation as this was a subject we saw that lacked a lot of information on the web. In the almost half a year we have blogged, we have built up an informative database - and it is perhaps the largest collection of specialist material on preservation in Norway. We're proud of that, and that's why you now get a summary of the 5 most read posts we've published so far



Preservation of valves:
" If a valve is to be stored, it is important that it is properly preserved so that it works when it is once installed."

Products for power plants and transformers:

"A selection of our products are particularly widely used in power plants and transformers.
We supply operating materials such as ion exchangers, regeneration chemistry, desiccant , ventilators . VCI packaging ensures corrosion-free storage of expensive material."

How to preserve subsea equipment:

"Last summer, we were asked how to preserve subsea equipment that is to be stored on a quay with the North Sea as its nearest neighbour. The equipment must be ready and must be able to be put into operation immediately if something happens to the active equipment on the bottom of the sea in the North Sea. high requirements for preservation when it has to be left out in the weather on the Westland coast."

Preservation in tunnels – a moist challenge:

"Preserving electronic equipment in tunnels is a challenge - primarily because of the extremely high humidity and the long construction phase. The temperatures are quite different from up on the ground, and the groundwater is affected by the structures. We have gradually built up good experience in protect equipment for transport projects in Norway. Here you will find information on how to protect electrical cabinets and other electronic equipment in cabinets until the project is finished."

Equinor TR2149 Preservation Manual:

" It is not always easy to interpret specifications from the oil companies. In this blog we explain which products you should use with reference to the paragraphs in Equinor's preservation spec TR2149."
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